Thursday, October 5, 2017

Lavender and aqua bunny theme baby shower

Theme: Lavender/aqua/grey bunny theme
Occasion: Baby Girl Baby Shower
Styled by: Ruby, Heidee, Leslie, Charmy, Rosa & Alice
Calligraphy and Dream Art by: 

Location: Mary Lane Cafe, Pasadena, California

Hi everyone! Wanted to share a bunny themed baby shower my friends and I put together for our dear friend Betty over the weekend. We handmade most of the items in the photo including: the bunny banner, pom pom mobile, pom pom wands for the table, watercolor wash place cards, menu, and dream art and the cake decorations, a 1-10 fruits book for the baby and games (not pictured). We loved the way it turned out and wanted to share the photos with you. 

Mary Lane Cafe baked the triple berry cake. We decorated with lavender roses, white hydrangeas, white roses and other little flowers (lavender flowers from a florist and the other flowers from Trader Joes. The bunny ears are made out of a total of 8 lavender/magenta pipe cleaners: two pipe cleaners twisted together for each side, so easy and pretty!

Pom pom mobile - materials used - yarn, light aqua, teal, dark purple, lavender tulle, sewing wood ring wrapped in ribbon and braided yarn to hang the mobile. There are lots of pom pom tutorials out there and we wrapped these around 75-100 times around our iphones, vertically and horizontally to create different sizes.
For the party favors, our friend Leslie put together two different little bags with decaffeinated teas utilizing ingredients like chia seeds, goji berries, dates in one satchet and a blend of ginseng, red dates and goji berries in the other satchet. All baby bump friendly. 

The bunny banner was made of cardstock and embossed with green/teal glitter recollections and magenta ranger embossing powder and written using the ranger embossing pen and the darice tool for drying. 

dream art lettered in ecoline watercolor accented with 3 types of glitter and embossing powder for the word sea.
Calligraphy menu written with gouache ink with hunt101 nib on watercolor wash canson paper
watercolor wash placecards lettered with gouache ink and hunt101 nib

A few friends flew down from San Francisco just to celebrate our mama-to-be. :)
Florals and vintage tea cups to decorate the table, along with bunny folded napkins
Our pretty mama-to-be at 33 weeks with her cute baby bump. 

Rose lemonade was the refreshing beverage of the day. 

Our papa-to-be drove 4 hours to stop by for a surprise visit. :)

Concentrating hard on the mama and baby animal game. Much harder than anyone imagined!

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