Thursday, October 5, 2017

Lavender and aqua bunny theme baby shower

Theme: Lavender/aqua/grey bunny theme
Occasion: Baby Girl Baby Shower
Styled by: Ruby, Heidee, Leslie, Charmy, Rosa & Alice
Calligraphy and Dream Art by: 

Location: Mary Lane Cafe, Pasadena, California

Hi everyone! Wanted to share a bunny themed baby shower my friends and I put together for our dear friend Betty over the weekend. We handmade most of the items in the photo including: the bunny banner, pom pom mobile, pom pom wands for the table, watercolor wash place cards, menu, and dream art and the cake decorations, a 1-10 fruits book for the baby and games (not pictured). We loved the way it turned out and wanted to share the photos with you. 

Mary Lane Cafe baked the triple berry cake. We decorated with lavender roses, white hydrangeas, white roses and other little flowers (lavender flowers from a florist and the other flowers from Trader Joes. The bunny ears are made out of a total of 8 lavender/magenta pipe cleaners: two pipe cleaners twisted together for each side, so easy and pretty!

Pom pom mobile - materials used - yarn, light aqua, teal, dark purple, lavender tulle, sewing wood ring wrapped in ribbon and braided yarn to hang the mobile. There are lots of pom pom tutorials out there and we wrapped these around 75-100 times around our iphones, vertically and horizontally to create different sizes.
For the party favors, our friend Leslie put together two different little bags with decaffeinated teas utilizing ingredients like chia seeds, goji berries, dates in one satchet and a blend of ginseng, red dates and goji berries in the other satchet. All baby bump friendly. 

The bunny banner was made of cardstock and embossed with green/teal glitter recollections and magenta ranger embossing powder and written using the ranger embossing pen and the darice tool for drying. 

dream art lettered in ecoline watercolor accented with 3 types of glitter and embossing powder for the word sea.
Calligraphy menu written with gouache ink with hunt101 nib on watercolor wash canson paper
watercolor wash placecards lettered with gouache ink and hunt101 nib

A few friends flew down from San Francisco just to celebrate our mama-to-be. :)
Florals and vintage tea cups to decorate the table, along with bunny folded napkins
Our pretty mama-to-be at 33 weeks with her cute baby bump. 

Rose lemonade was the refreshing beverage of the day. 

Our papa-to-be drove 4 hours to stop by for a surprise visit. :)

Concentrating hard on the mama and baby animal game. Much harder than anyone imagined!

Monday, September 25, 2017

my favorite baby and toddler science books

hi mamas and friends,
i am a children's book fanatic. i love buying books for my children and i love giving books for birthday and holiday gifts. one of my childhood dreams is to write and illustrate one, hopefully some day i will. since my husband is a scientist and my dad is a retired aerospace engineer, i wanted to expose my little ones to science books.

here are my some of my favorites to buy and give.

for the older toddlers, 3 and up
women in science - 50 fearless pioneers who changed the world by Rachel Ignotofsky - my four year old loves this book. we read about a scientist every night before bed. this is for older toddlers, but it's never too early to expose your daughters and sons to strong, intelligent women. highly recommend.

rosie revere, engineer by andrea beaty - a nice message in this book. you only fail if you quit. this is a little long for my toddler to sit through when she was 3 years, but i think she can probably sit through it now.  we haven't pulled this one back out in awhile since we rotate our books.

ada twist, scientist by andrea beaty -  I bought this one but haven't taken it out yet. Will probably gift this to my daughter for xmas this year.

i am jane goodall by brad meltzer -  we also read about jane goodall in the women in science just last night. she wasn't a traditional scientist, but she worked and lived with the chimpanzees to study them. my kids are fascinated by animals.

i am albert einstein by brad meltzer - brad meltzer has a whole series of books about inspiring heroes. albert einstein is one of them. he was a dreamer that thought in pictures instead of words. he went on to become one of the greatest scientists in history.

the girl who thought in pictures: the story of dr. temple grandin by Julia Finley Mosca - i have not yet read this book but it looks promising. its about a girl diagnosed with autism who became a scientist.

for younger tots:
baby loves aerospace engineering by ruth spiro: was so excited to discover this book since my dad is a retired aerospace engineer. my toddler loves this book, especially the birds and the rockets. he enjoys reading it and flapping his "wings".

baby loves quarks by ruth spiro: we have this one too. you learn about quarks, protons, electrons and atoms and molecules.

quantum physics for babies by chris ferrie - my daughter loved this book when she was very little. she learned about protons and neutrons and electrons. we should probably rotate it back into our current reads again to see how they like it now.

not science related but math:
introductory calculus for infants by Omi M. Inouye this is a fun book for any math lover. 

Hope you enjoy this list. Let me know if you have any other favorites.


Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Ultimate Baby Essentials List Continued: Feeding Essentials

~Feeding Essentials~

Feeding typically starts between 4-6 months. But you can go ahead and register for these items when you are setting up your baby registry. :) 

~High chairs~

Feeding chair: We have the stokke tripp trapp – we like it. Emerson started sitting in it (with the baby seat) around 5 months and still sits in now with the baby seat at 21 months. When he's older, we can remove the baby seat and they can sit in it like a chair. 

Summer infant booster seat - we have this at my parents house (hand me down) and it was handy as well. It has a nice large tray and it's easy to clean and attach to the chair. 

Prince lionheart bebepod - we have this too and it worked well for melody but if your baby is on the chubbier side, it might not work as well. This is also easy to clean and easy to attach to a chair

~Bottle warmer and travel mug~

Zojirushi hot water dispenser - we loved using this instead of a bottle warmer necessary. It is so versatile - we use it for everything - including hot water, tea, instant coffee, instant noodles, and for warming the bottles. We would fill a big cup or bowl or mug with hot water and then put the bottle in it to warm. if you are on the go, you can store the water in this stainless steel drink holder as it stays warm for hours.

Zojirushi stainless steel drink holder that keeps milk cold or water hot for hours. we use this on day trips when melody need to drink milk. or to carry hot water when you want to warm the bottle. 

~Popsicle and ice cube molds~
Zoku mini pops mold - this is great for breast milk pops, milk pops, water pops with fruit, yogurt pops with fruit, the possibility are endless and the size is perfect for the little ones. they are perfect for a hot day and perfect for when you littles have fevers. 

Zoku quick pops mold - this is awesome for homemade popsicles. you can make them in under 10 minutes. awesome for the little kids as you know exactly what you are putting in them. and my daughter loves helping to make her own ice pops too. 

Ice cube molds - we have an array of fun ice cube molds. these are great for when you have hot soup, or want to make things a little more fun. we freeze water in them. I prefer the silicone ones as they are easier to pop ice cubes out.

~Bibs and baby bandanas~

We have found that the silicone bibs work best: I love the Make My Day silicone bibs. They work well, easy to roll up in your backpack, are easy to wash (don't smell after use) and are super cute too. if you use it in the stroller, you could actually store some snacks (like strawberries, or bunny crackers, etc.) in the bib pocket for them to eat themselves.
breakfast at tiffany's style bib - This is my favorite bib for girls - my four year old still wears it to eat when she wears nicer clothing or eats ice cream or messier foods)
tuxedo bib - this is my favorite one for boys . 

Bumkins baby bibs - we have a few of these as well. they work well and too but because they are soft, they don't catch as much of the food as the Make My Day bibs. We also noticed after awhile, they start to smell a bit. They do have some cute designs though. 

Bandanas - these are great for drooling babies or to wipe runny noses and they look really cute too. 

~Pacifier ~

 Wubbanub – this would have been a lifesaver for m. I can’t tell you how many times in the middle of the night we had to find a pacifier and couldn’t find it. But em never used it even though we got it for him. So many cute animals to choose from:

~Pouches and feeding accessories~

Plum organics - prunes - unfortunately constipation is common, so we always have prune pouches on hand to provide to my 21 month old once a week. He's been eating these since 8 months. 

Chubchub pouch buddy - perfect to stick on top of your pouches to prevent spills. 

Munchkin snack catcher - great for car rides. We put cheerios, fruits, bunny crackers, etc. 


Shutterfly has cute placemats if you want to add your own photos. They sometimes have free deals and you just pay for shipping.

I have seen those non-slip placemats plates but i haven't tried any. 

Modern-twist coloring placemat - we have this as well and it's a good placemat and is easy to wash. our markers dried out rather quickly though, but my kids like it even without coloring on it. only bad thing is that my toddler sometimes throws the whole thing on the floor.  

For restaurants, we love using disposable placemats. they don't always stick to the table super well, but most of the time, they work. We still wipe the table down but we also put a placemat on top. This way when the kids drop the food on the table, they can pick it back up and eat it. 
Minnie mouse disposable placemat
Winnie the pooh disposable placemat
Hello Kitty disposable placemat
Construction disposable placemat - we are currently using these. they are thicker than the Disney ones. 

~Teeth Brushing~

We started brushing our babies gums with gauze after nursing at night. They didn't always like it but we tried our best. After they got a little older, we started with the baby banana brush. 
You can start this around 4-6 months to get your babies used to having their gums brushed.
We loved the baby banana infant brush - this was easy and soft for my infant to use and started getting him used to brushing his teeth.

Radius toothbrush for toddlers - when they are a little older. i like these brushes because they are soft bristles so its easier to brush around the little teeth. 

For other nursing/bottle essentials, please reference my previous post here

Hope this helps! Feel free to comment on any essentials you would recommend.