Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Afrodosias and Pamukkale

Two more beautiful sites in Turkey. We drive over 7 hours in one day, but it was worth it.

After Afrodosias (2 hrs from selcuk) we were feeling ambitious and adventurous and decided to trek on 1.5 hrs to pamukkale.

We arrived around 7 pm and asked if it was open. "open 24 hrs" said the guy.

We hiked 1.5 miles and finally arrived at the beautiful white tide pools. As we were wading through the warm water, it started to sprinkle and soon thereafter it started to rain and then it began to pour cats and dogs.

Of course it would rain on rich (Charlie brown) :) we hiked all the way back in the dark and pouring rain.

Thank goodness for the iPhone flashlight, singing in the rain and the dog who lived in pamukkale. The dog sort of led us back to the entrance (because there were no lights to guide us back) and then tried to go home with us.

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