Monday, January 1, 2007

doing something good.

so after all of the material gifts and such given and received over the last few weeks, i wanted to start the new year on a positive and inspiring note.

i started off at the hunger site store and found some material things that will also donate cups of food for your purchase.
first, the triple wish hoop necklace. this would make a charming gift and you also fund 25 cups of food for your purchase.

then there is the bag ladies tea. i actually bought for xmas for a girl friend, but would have bought it here, had i found it here earlier. each tea bag has a different message, and this also donates 25 cups of food.

then i found these 2 ceramic penguins. also donates 25 cups of food. who wouldn't love these little plump black and white suited fellas?

then i came across this gift which sends a bear to a child in a south african hospital or orphanage. sounds like a sweet idea and the organization was started by a couple in honor of their wedding.

lastly, i came across this light for the cause candle set, which would make a nice gift for your friends or family and help spread 'awareness.'

after some more thought, i figured why not just go directly to the charity itself and make a donation there. i've found that charity navigator is a great site where they evaluate charities and you can see the financials and what percent of the revenue actually goes toward the program itself. you can also make donations through the site, which takes you through network for good, which charges 4.75% for credit card transactions.

this Peace Kit$50 would make a great gift for a friend as well.
Share a message of peace
Generations of families in troubled areas like Afghanistan and Sudan have neither known true peace nor freedom. Their lives have been shattered by violence and shuttered from the outside world. Mercy Corps is helping these children and families to take initiative and gain pride while participating in their nation's new opportunities.

after hours of perusing, i decided to make my contribution at the mercy corps to the darfur crisis. i remember watching a segment about it on 60 minutes with my grandfather, thinking with such despair, how unfortunate it is for the people in darfur. it is so hard to believe that genocide is still going on in the world today.

anyway, i wanted to start off the year with doing something good and i hope 2007 inspires you to do something good as well.

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Sung said...

i love cheapo necklaces! im totally buying one. yay to free food!